Monday, June 30, 2008

Let it Rain!

Tonight at my SCM meeting one of my fellow craftistas Rain brought out some of her wares. Let me tell you, this lady makes the cutest jewelry. Last time she busted out her wares I walked away with two pairs of earrings. This time I managed to make it out of there with one. I simply had to have these! They are felted balls with little knitting sweaters/needles. I will wear these every time I knit now. I dare you all to go check out her stuff and she how much you can walk away with! Thanks Rain!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sonnet Sunday

I breathe you in,
and right in that point
of comfort
of stillness
of satisfaction
I blow you out.
Before you get too comfy.
Before you get too used to your surroundings.
Cause I am ever-changing.
One minute here,
the next there.
What if you can't keep up?
I don't want to watch you fall behind.
Hurry up.
You're slowing.
I'm not waiting.
You can wait.
Plop your seat on that park bench.
Wait for the chance that my path
may go down that old direction.
That doesn't happen often.
So, how long will you wait?
You could always try to follow,
but you know
I don't leave bread crumbs behind
marking a trail so I can find my way back.
If I want to go back, I'll just follow your smell.
I'll breathe you in,
and right in that point
when my lungs feel full
when my chest is expanded
I blow you out
before I keep you in too long
before you suffocate.
Cause sometimes I loose track of my breath.
Sometimes don't breathe at all.
I just lie there holding my breath
till I forget that I even needed to breathe.
Can you hold your breath that long?
What if I never remember to breathe?
I breathe you in
and right in that point
of bliss
of content
when I should blow you out,
I breathe deeper.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sooo frustrating!

Let me start by saying that I have always been a big fan of the ice cream man. At one point growing up I lived in a court and the ice cream man would always come by in the summer. It was the highlight of our days! Now, I am sad to say that I never see the ice cream man. When we first moved into our house he did come by, but at that time the average age of our street was pretty darn high and there just weren't any kids. I guess me running out for a Missle Pop just wasn't enough to keep him coming.

The other day I got super super excited! I was in the backroom and I hear the "Turkey In The Straw" jingle that the ice cream man always plays. If I could run, I would have. Instead I quickly strolled into the living room to get some money and buy a cold delicious treat. I was hit over the head with disappointment though when I realized it was a commercial! The new Wendy's Frosty treat commercial is using this song in the background. I think I pouted for at least an hour afterwards. I'm now going to boycott Wendy's, which won't be hard because there aren't any anywhere near me! Screw you Wendy's and your thieving jingle usage...I will not be fooled again!

Friday, June 27, 2008

It's a contest!

Last night we went to the River Cats game to check out some baseball and support Chris's band "Big In Japan." It was a super fun night, even with all the smoke! Bill got crazy with the camera and took tons of baseball pictures. I on the other hand only grabbed the camera once and just aimed it behind me. This is the picture that I ended up with:

I just found this photo hilarious! There's something about the expression on Bill's face and the hand gestures from Chris that crack me up. So, here is the contest! I think this picture is the perfect picture for a funny caption and I want you to come up with that caption. I'll read through the zillions (two) comments that I get and pick the one that made me bend over with laughter! What will you get out of it? Well, you will get a $50 gift card of your choosing from any online retailer. Woo hooo, my first big contest....have fun! Deadline for comments is July 3rd at 5pm PST.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The end of the world!

When I was young, sometime in the 80's there was this movie that I loved. I have no idea what the name of it was, but there were two hipster girls in it and they wake up in the morning from a party and realize that it's the end of the world and they are (so they think) the only one's alive. What do they do...they head to the mall of course! Why in apocalyptic movies do the people always head to the mall? Hey, it's the end of the world.....let's go to the Gap!

Anyway, the whole point of this long and drawn out story is the skies in Sacramento right now look exactly like the skies in that movie. In fact, most any movie that is sort of "end of the world" has those murky looking smoky skies. The fires in our area are terrible and so we wake up every morning in this sort of dusty haze. In fact, most of the time it actually smells like campfire. When you watch the news, the forecast is SMOKE! I'm not kidding! You know how they put those cute little icons? When it's raining it's the cloud with blue tears, sunny you get the big bright sun. Well, now there is smoky...which looks something like this:
Don't you just love Paint?! Overall it's really gross and somewhat scary. I have seen more people wearing those little paper face masks in the past few days then I have seen in my life. Maybe to escape it all I'll just go to the mall!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


When I found out that my recent tattoo artist Alfredo was also a painter I was very interested. He did such an amazing job on my leg, I figured he'd do just as nice on canvas. He posted some artwork recently and there was a piece that caught my eye. I loved the coloring of the painting and knew it would look great in my bedroom with the newly painted walls. I picked the piece up yesterday and I just have to say that this guy is soooo talented. I hope to buy more of his art in the future and I hope you check his stuff out too! He has all his paintings listed on his MySpace. His artwork is also on display at Modern Body and will be part of their 2nd Saturday feature on July 12th. Go and buy some art!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What a super star!

Years back a website came out that was all the was called! I'd say this was the pre-Myspace site to find people on. Through that site an old friend named Sarah contacted me and we have kept in touch ever sense. Sarah lives in Texas with her family and you have heard me mention her before because her adorable daughter Kate keeps a Blog too! Over the years I really feel like I've gotten to know Sarah more than I did when I was younger, and today I just learned that she has some pipes on her! She was picked to sing at the Minor League Baseball game of the Frisco Rough Riders. To top it off, she was amazing! Being a Nascar fan I see many a National Anthem and I see many a debauchery of it. I'm a classic National Anthem type of girl and Sarah hit it right on the spot. Awesome job Sarah, I am super proud and would have sat in the stands saying, "Hey I know that girl" as I poked people around me in the side!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sonnet Monday?

Sorry, I forgot yesterday!


I forgot what it's like to write.
I pick up a pen and all that comes out is nonsense,
scribbles on a page of misunderstood feelings and dreams.

I forgot what it's like to sleep.
There's a pea so large under my mattress I want to scream,
and it just doesn't make me a princess.

I forgot what it's like to cry.
My eyes are abandoned wells,
don't throw pennies anymore, save your wishes for later.

I forgot what it's like to love.
I've loved, been loved, fallin out of love.
Always seem to watch love leave by foot or by flight.

I'm traveling in Alice's Wonderland,
only I've lost my White Rabbit
and I just can't stop listening
to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
hum their whimsical songs.
Waiting for signs to show me the way to the Queen's Palace.
Am I running late?
I forgot.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

So grown up....

After the floors in the living room were done I decided that it was time for a new TV stand. We had this big bulky entertainment center and I just felt like it didn't look good anymore. I've developed a slight dislike for the light colored particle board furniture, which is just what the entertainment center was. Plus, it's size really overpowered the room and I felt a simple stand would open the place up. So....I headed out furniture shopping!

My first stop was Scandinavian Designs. Beautiful stuff in there, but everything was made for a flat panel TV and we just haven't gone that direction yet. Then I went to American Furniture Galleries......whoa what a contrast! That place is a furniture nightmare. There is so much stuff everywhere and everything is way expensive and way over the top. I followed it with Room Source (pretty sucky) and the Macy's Furniture Store (nice but too pricey.) I was about to give up when a friend recommended going to RC Willey. This place was perfect and had exactly what I was looking for. Plus, the sales guy wasn't pushy at all...and his name was Bill!

I picked out a TV stand and was told that it wasn't in stock in the store, but was in stock in their warehouse which was on the other side of the freeway. No problem, I hopped in the truck and drove over. When I got there I realized that their warehouse/will call was also a clearance center! While waiting for my TV stand I browsed around all the discounted furniture. I strolled by a dining table and thought "when I grow up I want a table like that." Then I looked at the price. It was marked down and had a 70% off tag with an additional 50% off tag, which was on all the dining room furniture that day. I busted out the cell phone calculator, cause I'm bad at math, and had to do a double take. Still not trusting myself, I got a sales person to verify the price. He said I was right which of course led me to the question, "What's wrong with it?" The sales guy informed me that there was nothing wrong with it, it's just on close out. So, needless to say......I grew up and bought it!

This gorgeous solid walnut table with slate inlay was $85!!! Yes, you read that correctly. Had I purchased it at it's regular price I would have paid $700 for it. Now that is a savings!!! So, we now have a new TV stand and a new dining room table. I had to put some of our side chairs to use for the table, and now will be looking around for new chairs to go with the table. Isn't it purrrrty??

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hydrangea help!

My most favorite flower in the whole world is the hydrangea. When Bill and I first moved into our place I planted one out front immediately. It ended up being this gorgeous full plant that was the most vibrant purple color I had ever seen in a hydrangea. Through the years the plant has gotten bigger and bigger, but last year I really noticed that it was starting to look sparse. This year, it's even worse! There were only a couple flowers on it and most of them were very small. It's also lost it's gorgeous color and is just a mild purple now. Although it has grown in height, it's not a dense looking plant, but rather kind of branchy (is that even a word?) Does anyone know how to fix this? I cut it each year, but maybe I'm cutting it incorrectly? I followed a guide online and always make sure to just cut to the new buds, but it seems that this isn't working. What will happen if I cut it all the way? Will it kill it or make it come back bigger and better? Can someone out there answer my questions? Hello? Bueller?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Making due....

Something that I have decided that I really want now is Photoshop! I see all of these people on line taking the most amazing pictures and have started to realize how many of them are enhanced using Photoshop. Unfortunately, I just don't have the money for fork out to buy it. So, for now I have been settling for my straight from camera shots. Not all of them are bad, but sometimes it is obvious that they could be better. Take this photo for example:
Looking at it the first thought it that it's pretty cute! Then I start to notice that Whisky's eyes have that green glow going on. Also I notice that he doesn't look at bright in color as he is when not seen through a camera lens. These are the things that I've always just settled with. That is, until I found the FREE photo editor on Flickr! I clicked on edit the other day to see if I could adjust the eyes and it opened up a software called Picnik. Not only was I able to adjust the eyes, but I also played around with the sharpness, exposure, color and size! It was so easy and I think the pic looks so much better now.
His eyes look perfect, his tongue looks super pink and you can actually see the detail of his furry little face. I am now spending hours editing my pictures! It will have to do until I can afford Photoshop.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


The image above is a picture that I took of a recent receipt that I received. You'd think I went on a big shopping trip wouldn't you? Well, you would be wrong! I bought....ONE ITEM! Want to know how long that puppy is? Here you go....

13.5"!!! Is that really necessary for one item?! Why are receipts getting longer and longer? It's happening everywhere. I got one at the Gap recently that I swear was over a foot long. Granted, it had a survey on the bottom but does anyone ever really take those surveys? I know I never do. In a society that is trying to conserve and "Go Green" you'd think that a receipt movement would be coming soon to make these things shorter. Maybe I should start one myself! All for shortening the receipt say "Hooray!"

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It has to get better!

Monday was the Season 4 premier of Weeds. See, I'm finished watching The Tudors a show about a man who likes to kill women/people so I have moved onto a more wholesome show about a suburban woman who sells pot. Ok, so maybe not that most wholesome programming but it's better than alot of the reality out there! Thus far I am disappointment because the season opener was definitely not a grabber. I will continue on though because it is bound to get better. And if it doesn't? Well, there is a new series about a call girl and it just doesn't get anymore "family show" than that!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm addicted.....

to the Wii Fit! I absolutely love it and all it's cheesy excellence. I love doing the step class and laugh each time I see all my Mii friends clapping along....hilarious! I love doing the ski jump and ending up in a snowball down the hill because I have such awful balance right now. I love doing the hula hoop while Bill and Becki's Mii stand in the corner tossing hoops at me like a couple of goofballs. I love doing all the yoga poses with the translucent instructor (couldn't they have given it some color?) What don't I like about the Wii Fit? I don't like it when it tells me that my Wii age is 45!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Don't Forget!!!!

Sonnet Sunday

Sitting in the calming chill of dusk
a homeless man approaches.
Clad in ski-pants and t-shirt,
straps dangle as if undone after
his long day on the slops.
Even his nose is crimson red.
"Can I bum a cig from you?" he questions a man.
"Got a dime?" a response that echos in my brain
like the linger of an alarm clock.
I wonder....
What has the world come to when a sole
cigarette is worth a dime?
How much is it worth to this skier who has nothing?
Would he be willing to trade blood?
A rich man with cigarettes has set a price
on each stick in the pack.
This one was in the's a quarter.
This was sat in the's a dime.
Perhaps he has bargain days,
blue light specials.
For that moment, I want to smoke.
I want to turn to the man and ask to bum one.
Maybe with bare legs and my makeup painted on
I'll get a good deal......
two for one.
I'll put it in my mouth,
let it sleep in the pucker of my lips,
lean in close for a light,
take a drag and pass it to my homeless friend.
"Here take this, cause I don't smoke
and greed can kill you."

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Puppy Kindergarten

Today was Whisky's first day at puppy kindergarten and I must say that he did very well. He was very calm and listened closely, even when surrounded by lots of other doggies. During the free play session he spent most of his time by the fence watching the big dogs in their advanced training class which of course must mean that he is eager to be over there himself. He's thinking he wants to skip kindergarten! He has this training for 8 weeks so hopefully he will pick up a thing or two. He already knows sit, down, shake and touch (which is putting his snout on the palm of my hand.) What a smart little doggy!

Friday, June 13, 2008

There's a man on the wing of this plane!!

Today is Friday the 13th. Today is also the day that my hubby comes home from an almost three week long work trip. A work trip that has put him in torrential rain, 3.5 inch size hail, tornadoes, work days that lasted close to 20 hours and an injury that almost required stitches. Is it any wonder that all I can picture of his flight home today on this wonderful Friday the 13th is an image of John Lithgow from "Twilight Zone-The Movie?"

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I got it!!!

My physical therapist recommended that I try to get my hands on a Wii Fit. She felt that it would be a good tool for me to use for my knee....and that it was tons of fun. I called a bunch of places and everyone was sold out. I knew nothing of the popularity of the Wii Fit but apparently it's been a hit since it came out. Today I went into Game Stop to take in a couple Xbox games that we don't play anymore and try to get some store credit for a more fun game. I decided to ask about the Wii Fit and wouldn't you know it...they had just received two and still had one left! So, I bought it. I haven't taken it out of the box yet, but I can't wait to get started. I can promise you that there will be no ridiculous videos of me on the Wii Fit showing up on YouTube anytime soon!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ohhhhh Adam!

Dear Mr. Sandler,

I'm very sorry to say that you should be ashamed of yourself. Not only did you help write and produce "You Don't Mess With the Zohan" but you also starred in it! You just made a ton of money and your movie was awful! I've loved you for so were sooo funny in "Billy Madison," "Happy Gilmore" and "Big Daddy." I let you slide with "Little Nicky" cause you were young and bound to make some stupid mistakes but now my love affair is over. This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen! Yes, I chuckled on occasion I will admit that. Dipping everything in hummus was funny the first few times, but after about the 10th hummus reference I was ready to throw some at the screen. Between that and the over-referenced jokes of your giant bush I was ready to depart the theatre. The only thing I can really give you credit for is your improved physique which you also kept showing me over and over and over and over..........

$15 wasted


P.S. If you can tell Kevin Nealon to stick to starring in "Weeds" I would be greatly appreciative!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

He's baaaaaaaaaack!

I realized today that there was something missing in my life. Something that was going on in the early 1500's. So, I signed back up for Showtime to get me some Tudors! I loved this series in Season 1 and have been longing to watch it again. I'm just a couple episodes in and I have to say yummmmmmy. They never cease to find delicious men to gaze upon. Oh, and the story is very good as well! That kind of feels the same as saying that one subscribes to Playboy for the articles! Good thing that I signed back up for Showtime because I just learned that Weeds is back on this Monday. It would have been a shame to miss that. While I wait for Weeds I will continue sitting here watching the Duke of Suffolk, who is still by far my favorite!

Monday, June 09, 2008


Tonight I went out to eat at Mongolian food which always ends with a fortune cookie. Chris laughed at me because I have this weird habit in which I have to eat the entire cookie before I read my fortune. I feel like it's bad luck...and especially bad luck if you read your fortune but don't eat your cookie at all. Then I got my fortune and was dumb struck...

Can someone please tell me what the heck that means? Can rubber bands really be heading in the wrong direction? Do I assume this is a good fortune because the word "right" is used? Should I have been losing sleep about rubber bands all this time? Was the person who wrote this stoned? Then another thought came to mind, the whole "In Bed" theory. Oh, I know you've heard it before. You read a fortune and add the words "in bed" at the end and the hilarity ensues. That is until you add it to this dandy of a fortune, then it makes even less sense. Oh well, I guess I will sleep better tonight knowing that I'm not going to be pelted in the head with rubber bands anytime soon.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sonnet Sunday

Liquid Happiness
Empty bottles
left for trash.
No need to worry
no need to cry
no need to think.
Thoughts of today
clouded and hazy
broken with those bottles of emptiness.
You've taken the pain away
filled your life with liquid happiness
draining the life of anyone close
drowning a past full of puzzled memories
pieces forgotten
pieces unmatched
all just pieces.
Praying to a God you blame for the misery.
Bottle in one hand
Bible in the other......
Which are you praying to?
Which will answer your prayers?
Just one last swallow while you wait
for an answer.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Call me Mrs. Remodel

Having new hardwood floors gave me the itch to update other areas of the house. I've been wanting to paint my bedroom for a LONG time and figured that as soon as I could stand for more than an hour I would give it a try. I first thought I would go with yellow, but then I saw a prettier blue color and it was setttled. I didn't stop there though. After the blue paint dried, the new curtains, artwork (records and record image), light and bedding all went on. I even recovered the chair! I am going to sit on my high horse here and say that I LOVE my new bedroom and I am super impressed by how it all came together. Plus, it was nice to actually accomplish something instead of just sit around all the time thinking "woe is me and my knee." I'm paying the price now, but at least I have a pretty bedroom to relax in! You can see more pictures on Flickr!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Get your fleece on!

My sister Tami has been breaking out the sewing machine lately and now has an Etsy store up and running! Her store is called Flock of Fleece and on it you can find all sorts of wonderful fleece blankets to keep your kiddos warm. I actually had her custom make one for Bill, cause he's my big kiddo. Go now and shop! I'm sure you have a baby shower that you've been needing a gift for, and what better than to buy handmade.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

New Floors!!!

I got to come home today and I must say that the new floors look FANTASTIC! It's so nice having some hardwood in the house. I can't wait to set the living room up, but that will have to wait just a bit. It's nice to be back home, although I think Whisky is going to miss all the activity that he got at my sister's house. He had Rocky, Maggie and the two kids to play he just has me. BORING!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Storm Chaser!

Bill is in Wisconsin right now for work. He called me the other day and it sounded like he was under gunfire, which is just what a wife wants to hear when talking long distance! Apparently a HUGE storm rolled in and he was getting pelted with hail. Then the winds picked up and started blowing every which way. From all his hours of watching weather channels and storm chasers he knew that there was something nearby. Of course this meant he had to pull off and get some pictures. If the skies looked like this I would be driving fast in the other direction. Bill on the other hand would love to drive right into the middle of it! He should have been a weatherman!!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Daily Puppy

Recently I "stumbled upon" a website called the Daily Puppy. Since I am crazy about my dog OF COURSE I loaded tons of pictures of him on there. You could also submit your puppy to be the daily featured puppy....and Whisky got chosen!!! Not only that, but he is the lead featured puppy. Go now, see it...he's adorable. Yet again I am surrounded by someone famous!

Monday, June 02, 2008


Today I had to vacate my house! We are having carpet ripped out and hardwood refinished which is definitely a good thing. For the time being I am staying with my sister. She unfortunately has no internet. I'm having withdrawals already and am sitting in a grocery store just so I can use their wireless. I'm going to miss blogging, miss reading blogs, miss sending emails. I never knew that I was such an internet addict. So, my blogging this week might not happen although I'm going to try to sneak some in and will definitely have something exciting for tomorrow. I will miss you world wide web!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sonnet Sunday

Many worlds and lifetimes ago I used to write poetry. It started at a really young age with super rhymey poems about boys that I liked and goofy poems about my friends. It evolved over the years and I stopped the rhyming thing and went for a dramatic finger snapping poetry! When I lived in Boston I used to go to this open mic night and that's when I really took poetry by the hand.

Years have passed since I wrote my last poem, in fact after I looked through my archives I discovered that the last poem I wrote was after I met Bill. Perhaps finding happiness caused the poetry to stop? Who's to say. It's been something I've wanted to start up again so to try and get inspired I thought I would share some of my old poems with you. We'll call this series Sonnet Sundays! These poems are by NO means Sonnets.....but that just had a nice ring to it! Maybe by writing some of them out it will help me write more. Or, it will give you something to laugh at. Either way, we both win.

The first that I will share is one of the first poems that really meant something to me. It's the first poem that I performed live in a room full of people with some live jazz as my backup. No snapping though, that's all a myth. This one is simply titled Mom.

Radiant woman,
sheltering me in a shield of blond armor.
A protector.
A nourisher.
A Goddess.
You let me in,
into your soul,
your heart,
your womb.
The warmth of your love has shaded me,
guiding me to become the woman that I am.
The woman,
like you.
I put on your heels,
your dresses,
your makeup.
"Mommy, when I grow up I want to be.....
With your strength,
will and beauty.
I look in the mirror for features of you.
Lips like Dads.
Height like Dads.
Face like Dads.
But wait....
there you are.
In my eyes,
my hips,
my figure.
You're there when I breath.
When my voice rolls off my lips,
I hear you.
Your caring heart pounding,
in my chest.
No matter where you are,
you are here
within me.
Encouraging my independence,
my need to explore the world.
"Look Ma, no hands!"
Knowing if I fall
your loving band-aid would heal any wound.
Now, as a woman
I put on my heels,
my dress,
my makeup.
Turning to the mirror
for reflections of you.


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