Thursday, May 08, 2008

Shoefly shoe!

I have a favorite store in Sac called Shoefly. I've been going there for quite some time now and always seems to walk out with the most amazing shoes. In fact, I try to limit my trips there to one a year so I don't walk out with too many amazing shoes. I was super sad to find out that Shoefly was closing their doors. On the other hand I was super excited to find out that all their shoes would be clearanced up to 80% off!! I showed up at opening and fought through the madness to walk out with 6 wonderful pairs of shoes. I know I know, but they are closing! Plus, one of those pairs were for Bill and one of the pairs didn't fit so I will be passing them onto someone else. I didn't try anything on because it was so nutso in there.

So, I decided to go back today. I know, I know, but they are closing! I wanted to try and get Bill a couple more pairs of shoes and pick up a pair for my pops for Father's Day. I also wanted to try on a pair for myself before I invested in them. Today, I walked out with 5 more pairs! I know I know, but they are closing!

Prepare yourself for a beautiful photo montage of the shoes that I am keeping for myself. Keep in mind that I now have an attack dog that will cause harm to you if you try to come and steal my shoes.
Ok, you think you've had enough? I decided to save the best for last. Although I have to say these little flat strappy red numbers were hard to beat. Now for the pair that I had to go back for today just to try on. The pair that will require at least two pictures to represent their beauty. The pair that I will be wearing with shorts, dresses, sweats.....ok...maybe just jeans!

Ok, now you have had enough cause these boots were made for walkin!


Rain said...

Cute! Very cute! ;)

Peptogirl said...

Wow, now that's what I can shoe therapy! I like the red strappy ones best. Cute!


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