Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pond Dweller

I know I have mentioned before that Whisky seems to be drawn to the water. He definitely will wade around in his pool and has run through the occasional sprinkler. Yesterday while we were out in Davis I walked across Bill's parents yard to MaryAnn and Jeff's house. Jeff was wading around in the pond, cleaning out gunk and putting in new plants. Whisky was on the bridge of the pond, checking out said gunk and trying to eat it of course. Now when Whisky has something that he knows he's not supposed to eat he takes one look at me and runs the other direction. This time he was on a bridge and I was on one end and MaryAnn was on the other, so his next best option was to jump in the pond! He slithered right in, went completely under and then popped up paddling away to the other side. It was funny and terrifying all at the same time. I knew he could swim, I was more worried about the fish he was disturbing and the lily that he swam right over. It was pretty great though and now I can't wait to take him to the water!!!

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Carol Browne said...

Water dogs are the best dogs.


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