Thursday, May 22, 2008

Let's just say....

that a particular someone was driving home from a trip to the craft store. Then let's say that particular someone decided to stop and get a delicious lunch at the In N Out Burger. Of course the line at the In N Out Burger can be ridiculously long, so that particular someone decides to start working on an easy craft while inching up car by car. Then let's say suddenly that particular someone realizes that they are one car away from the pay window....and never placed their order! That particular someone was paying such close attention to their craft that they missed out on the order station entirely. Guess what that particular someone's actions would be called? No, not idiotic...I mean in "In N Out" terms. It apparently would be called a HOMERUN! This is all just hearsay of course.


Peptogirl said...

LOL! I was picking up some fast food around Christmas and was totally wiped out and distracted, I paid at the first window and then kept driving! I had to go back and tell them I forgot to get my food! So, yeah, don't feel bad!

kaytea said...

I believe this someone may have been at the JoAnns in Elk Grove. Because this someone gets sucked ino that In N Out all the time!


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