Thursday, May 15, 2008

Just a Grant!

For the past year I have been going back and forth about my hair. I've known that I wanted to keep it longer but aside from that I can't settle on anything. The biggest dilema for me is the price that it is to get my hair done. I LOVE my hairdresser, but I hate paying that kind of money. I know that it is something I wear everyday and should be worth it...but at the same time I wear it everyday and it expires in 8 weeks! Plus, if I wear it up sometimes does it count?

I finally got the nerve up to move on and try out something new. Something that I was sure would be cheap and I hoped would be quality. I was looking around on Yelp and found a bunch of positive reviews for the Paul Mitchell School. Yep, this means that my hair would be done by a student. On the other hand, the prices were fantastic! I made the appointment.

I went on Wednesday for a cut and color. We did a full head color job, solid color on the bottom and two colors foiled on the top. In addition I got a cut. This entire process, with tip, cost me $50!!! Guess what? I love it! Stephanie, my cute little 20 year old stylist, did a fantastic job and I will definitely go again. There are two drawbacks to takes a bit longer than a normal hair salon and you have to change stylists every 6 or so months cause the program is only a year. I watched many many people walk out of there with amazing hair though so I'm not concerned at all. Plus, if I can stop having to pay over $200 to have my hair done I'm all for it. Yes, I was spending over $200 to have my hair done! Crazy! I will miss my old stylist though, he is such a sweetheart!


Meghan said...


You should try Federico Beauty Institute as well.

Pink Petunia Designs said...

I love it. Looks cute. I too have been pondering going to a beauty school. I am so sick of paying the high prices and I just can't afford it. It looks awesome

Peptogirl said...

Cute! I got my hair cut at a beauty school in Citrus Heights for years. I'd bring them complicated layered cuts and they'd ask the instructor to come over and look about a bazillion times but it always looked cute when it was done! My sister on the other hand got a layered cut and one of her "long" layers was incredibly short compared to the rest of her hair. She cried. But they usually do a good job and I'd definitely go that route for coloring!


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