Saturday, May 17, 2008

Jingle Jangle

I have a little pet peeve, it's ridiculous I'll admit. I absolutely can't stand the jingling of tags on a dog collar. It's like nails on a chalk board. I can handle it for a couple minutes but after a good run around session I loose my mind. I think this is partially why I've never been big about putting collars on my dogs. I know Whisky has to get used to a collar though and I know he will be outside enough to require collars and chains so I've been biting my tongue and putting the collar on him.
Years ago on a trip to Bend, Oregon I found this great thing called "The Quiet Spot." It was a neoprene pouch that you put the tags in. It transformed jingling into peace and quiet. I've looked for these all over town, but no luck! I did find them online, but I'd have to pay just as much to ship it as the item is. Don't you hate that? So, I knew the next best thing was to try to make one myself. Guess what? It worked! My "test" version is just made of felt, but I'm going to try and get some neoprene and make one that will be ok in the water. I'm pleased with myself though, even if it is a simple design. I even used some little vintage buttons! Just look how happy Whisky is to have some peace and quiet in his life.


Reebs said...

2 please!

Carol Browne said...

Have I mentioned your dog is like the cutest thing ever? OHHHHH...he's so cute. SO CUTE!

Peptogirl said...

That's awesome!!! I have an uncle that lives in Bend, btw. And your dog is a cutie.


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