Friday, May 30, 2008

I know you are out there!

I've always kind of wondered how many people read this blog. Sometimes I think I'm just typing for myself, but then someone will come along and comment on something and I think, "Wow...there are readers!" I heard some of my fellow Sac Mafia ladies talking about blog stat counters and I knew right away I was jumping on board. I added this feature to my blog yesterday and discovered that yesterday the blog got hit 26 times by 26 different individuals! That freakin rocks!! I thought maybe there were three, or four. I go to other blogs and people get over 100 comments daily which just blows my mind. I'm content knowing that there are readers...they are just a little on the quiet side. I've decided that when the day the Stat Counter shows 100 hits by 100 different individuals I will have a HUGE contest and give away something that is worth $100! How's that for motivation to keep on reading!!


Allie Parker said...

hi! i stumbled on your blog through pioneer woman :) i want to win that contest!

i also have daily updates and weekly friday giveaways! so come visit my site as well and enter to win!

Anonymous said...

I read! Been reading for awhile too!

Ruth said...

i sometimes stop by via ravelry. =) yea, i have sitemeter, and you'd be surprised how many people stop by. i try to guess who they are, and sometimes i can find my personal friends among them. the rest, i have no clue. =)

Carol Browne said...

I read, too. And I love me some Whiskey photos.

Sarah said...

Me too!!


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