Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A growing boy.....

I see Whisky everyday, so although I do know he is getting bigger...it is hard for me to judge by how much. When we took him to Davis this weekend a comment was made on how big he is getting. I decided to go through the photo archives to try and find two photos that would capture his growth.

Here is our little Whisky the day we got him, when he still had the name "puppy."

And this is Whisky now (sorry for the blurry picture-it was a super zoom shot!)

What a big boy! His snout is getting a bit longer and his coloring is deeper now. He's gorgeous! I sure wish I would have bottled some of that puppy breath though!


Melissa said...

Wow - that is incredible! He really HAS grown a lot! He is so adorable.

Peptogirl said...

Holly cow he grew fast!!!


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