Friday, April 11, 2008

Where to start.....

I've had soo much fun scanning a bunch of old photos that it was hard to decide which one to go with. So, I've decided to start at the beginning. You'll get the oldest to newest. The whole purpose of the scanning has something to do with my Grandpa. I can't get into specifics cause there are some of you family members out there that I don't want to spoil it for.

When my Grandpa Keith passed away he blessed me with his old photo albums. There are incredible pictures in there of his childhood! This first one was taken when he was a baby and is dated 1915.
My Grandpa grew up in Modoc County on a big ranch. The family were cattle ranchers amongst other things. There are many pictures of him doing "ranching" activities: on large bails of hay, on large horses that look like they could trample him, working in a garden. This is by far one of my favorites:

This photo is actually in my bathroom and can also be found in other bathrooms of members of my family. The classic bathtub shot! I just love the look of all these old pictures. Seeing what life was like in the early 1900's. I love how dressed up the little boys would be in their baby pictures. They really look just like little girls!
My Grandpa was an amazing man and the list of things he did in his life time would take up a life time of blogging. Most importantly he was an amazing Grandpa and I miss him dearly.

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Jubilee on Earth said...

Oh, I love these!!! I'm a huge (old) photo buff - I do genealogy as well. This sort of thing is SO neat to see. Thanks for posting!

Jubilee on Earth


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