Saturday, April 12, 2008

Thank you Pink Petunia!

My girlfriend and fellow Craft Mafia sister Debie had a little Pay It Forward contest on her blog and lucky me....I won something! This is actually the second time that I have won something recently, is luck on my side perhaps? Should I start playing the lottery? I'm super excited to see what I get from Debie. She's been drawing me little pictures since we were in highschool together and she still is amazing at all her crafts.

Now it is my turn to pay it forward for you! Here's the deal. Leave me a comment with the answer to this question: If you were laid up at home for an extended period, what would you do to keep yourself from going crazy and throwing the tv remote at Oprah? Poor Oprah! I do like her show sometimes, but when one is laid up at home and doesn't have many options at 4pm one does realize just how much Oprah can be taken in before one goes a bit bonkers.

For those of you that are still having problems figuring out the comment, you can just go the easy anonymous route. Keep in mind though that you NEED to put your name somewhere in your posting text though because I'd hate to have anonymous be the winner! I'll pick a winner at random and this person will win their choice of one item from my Etsy site Bouton Blue. Cutoff for leaving a comment is Friday the 18th at 12:00pm. The winner will be announced shortly afterwards on my blog so stay could be you, or you, or you, or maybe even you!


Pink Petunia Designs said...

Hey Stace,
Thanks for the nice shout out. I am still consructing your prize. I will send it hopefully next week! I love all the old pics of your gramps. My favorite it the makeshift bathtub for sure. If I was laid up for an extended period of time, omg, besides going a little nutty due to the wild five and two year old running around and getting into everything, I think that I would try to complete an online course of some sort. I am finishing up my scope school and I think I would try to take a medical transcription course online to pass the time. This course that I am taking now can be done in six months online but I have managed to stretch it into nine. Go figure.

johnna said...

Instead of going stir crazy, I'd go pillow crazy!

Granted, I've never managed to learn how to even thread my sewing machine, but in my happy little fantasy, I would be a sewing savant.

First, I'd make a happy pillow out of a bright green dress with black buttons that belonged to my mom.

Next, I'd (finally) cut apart my first(!) wedding dress and use the lace that my mom, my sisters and I hand-beaded to make a fancy pillow.

Finally, I think I'd get to work on all the doilies I have of my grandma's and make them into cool throw pillows for my couch.

If I had any time left, maybe I could also finally get around to making the Issy Miyake dress using the Vogue pattern I've had lying around for about 7 years now...

Sprout said...

Hmmmm...what would I do with all that free time? I think I might go crazy! But before that, I would probably watch a lot of TV, read some books, spruce up my Myspace page, and most importantly, become a master at Photoshop. Well, that is of course after I actually buy the program. I love taking pictures and I would love it even more if I could learn to make them look even better.

Sarah said...

I can't imagine doing any ONE thing constantly, it would drive me crazy, but if I were stuck on a sofa, besides reading (this is turning into one long run-on) I'd rent and watch all the Best Picture Oscar Movies starting from the beginning!! Wait, I've already done that...I guess I'd watch all of Beverly Hills 90210 from 1st episode to last...or some series. That one is next one my list. I've already done The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, 24, Entourage... Wow, it seems like I already am stuck on the sofa doesn't it? =)


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