Thursday, April 03, 2008

Such a sucker!

I'm such a sucker for fun stuff at the grocery store. Well, I guess I wouldn't just limit it to the grocery store actually, but that's the only place I seem to make it to these days! We have a little store called Compton's by our house and it's definitely a favorite. It has the feel of a small town store that is really trying to carry cool stuff to rival the big town stores. I was in the store today and noticed this with the butters.....

What is it? Well, it's really just a little ceramic crock of butter....but again I already started this post by saying I was a sucker. I got it cause the crock was very nice and cute and I thought it was something I could use later for salt. I figured I'd pay just as much in a kitchen store for a salt crock and this one was prefilled with butter! The store actually has the butter refills too, so I guess if I end up hooked on this butter then I can refill the crock.

I know, I'm an idiot!

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