Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Puppy Pep!

Puppies are funny little creatures. I think we actually got SUPER lucky and ended up with an extremely mellow little guy. He chills out, gets a little pep, and then goes right back to chilling out. He's not terrorizing the house and has not been a big challenge thus far in the potty training department. I'm also home with him though and I'm sure that helps out a TON! The thing with puppies is they like their sleep, or at least ours does. He'll play for a while and then wham-o he's down for the count for a good hour+ nap. Sometimes this even happens at weird times, like right in the middle of playing!

Don't you wish real life was like that? You're just sitting there at your desk working away and then lay the head down and take a little snooze! I think we would all actually work alot better if we were allowed little puppy naps.

By the way, the pup does have an official name now! We've settled on Whisky. My husband likes to sip on whisky so that was part of it, but I also felt it was appropriate seeing how he falls asleep like a drunk in the water bowl. You can actually see this for yourself on a little video I made that's on YouTube. Please disregard the ridiculous narration (like you couldn't figure out what was going on) and please lay on your side while watching so the fact that it is the wrong direction won't matter. I tried and tried to flip it, but had a little trouble in that department and finally gave up!


Melissa said...

What a cute picture of Whisky!
I wonder if he is going to end up being like "Yellow Dog" from the movie Funny Farm? Did you ever see that movie?

Meghan P. said...

When can Mishka get Whisky drunk? They should play!!

Bayley said...

Jake and I can hardly wait for you to visit us in Olympia. Look out, though. They like to put funny hats on you and take your picture!


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