Saturday, April 05, 2008

Can I get a smoke?

I've become slightly addicted to The Pioneer Woman website. Not only are there great posts and cute cowboys, but there are also delicious recipes. You may remember my post a while back about the yummy noodle salad and if not, then you have some catch up reading to do. It's been a while since I've really been useful in the kitchen and since I'm getting around a bit better now I decided to have "my other boyfriend" Chris over for dinner. Bill was there too people, don't go getting any smart ideas! What was on the menu.....The Marlboro Man Sandwich and The Best Chocolate Cake Ever. Both recipes from Ree, The Pioneer Woman.

I started first with the cake. I have some cake making under my belt and I have to admit that this was one of the easiest from scratch cakes that I have ever made. It's made in a jelly roll pan so comes out a bit like a brownie. I couldn't wait to try it...but was trying to be pc and saving dessert for after dinner.

I moved onto the Marlboro Man sandwich, also a super easy recipe! I used some of my own creative skills and whipped up some pesto pasta (skills being jar of pesto and cooked pasta) and steamed artichokes. By the time the sandwiches were done the house smelled delicious and the guys were drooling.

The sandwiches were INCREDIBLE! Both of the men loved em and I had a sweet love affair with the sandwiches myself. Chris actually said he felt as if he needed a cigarette after eating the sandwich and both of them helped themselves to a second sandwich. Bill then started coming up with all the other recipe options he could using the meat. Marlboro Man Rice Bowls, Marlboro Man Tortilla Wraps, Marlboro Man Egg Scramble.

Since both of them ate so much for dinner, they had no room for cake. Lucky for me, I did! This cake is sooo yummy and since it was soo easy to make it was definitely the best ever! I took a picture of the cake, which does it no justice so you'll just have to go the the PW website and appreciate the beauty of her photos!

Now I have my second PW meal under my belt which means I'm going to be even more addicted to this website. If you haven't checked it out's a must. If you cook, make some damn recipes!

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