Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Blast from the Past

Ok, let's just start by saying that when these fellas first came out I was a naive, young and goofy 12 year old that pegged her pants into her multi layered socks. Oh, and sometimes those were MC Hammer pants! That was the time when I myself wallpapered my bedroom, not with traditional wallpaper though. Instead I used pics from Teen Beat and any other "crush" magazine that I could get my hands on. Or, maybe it was Tiger Beat?! Needless to say.....I LOVED the New Kids on the Block. They were dreamy, their music was awesome and they were dreamy! I had every stitch of music that they released, every picture ever published and attended every single concert that I could. They were the N'Sync of my era....and oh how I squealed when I saw them. There were a group of us lovely ladies that loved them and we all had our favorite. I still have a lovely picture of Kim gazing lovingly at the tv screen at Joey who was perfectly captured on freeze frame. We were total dorks, we were total 12 year olds!

When I heard that there was going to be a reunion, the first thing I did was laugh. Then I got nostalgic, then I laughed some more. The one thing I do know, is I have to go to the concert if they tour. Completely ridiculous, but that's why I have to go. It will make me feel young again, and lord knows after walking with a cane and walker in the past 6 months feeling younger is something I desperately need! Keep your fingers crossed that they come to my town because that is sure to be a great blog post. Also, keep your fingers crossed for Bill that I don't take up wallpapering again!

Since I know you're curious I will go ahead and confess which one of these guys were my favorite. Are you ready? Think of what Bill looks like and make a guess. Did you guess the taller guys, maybe one of the Knight brothers? Nope, you would be wrong! I liked Danny. He would be the one on the far right of the above picture. The one that is short and kind of looks like a monkey...yeah, I had good taste when I was 12!

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Sarah said...

Oh wow....I guess I shouldn't have moved to Reno. I could have stuck around and taught you all about Jane's Addiction....waaaay better than NKOTB. But I respect nostalgia. I did whatever it took to see Madonna in concert in 2001....speaking of 2001...I also saw Britney Spears that year...and Janet Jackson, and Radiohead, and Barenaked Ladies AND N'SYNC!!! All in NYC. What a great year for concerts...not much else.


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