Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools!

I really didn't plan to do this post today, it just happened that way. I can assure you that this is not an April Fools joke. This is not a lick and stick! I got another tattoo last week. Each time that I get one I think that I won't get another one, but after all this experience with my knee I really wanted to have something designed to mark my strength through it all. I met with a tattoo designer and told him all of the aspects that I wanted in the tattoo. Those were: a wave, a crutch (or two crutches as long as it didn't look like the Jackass logo), a "summary" word and some blood. More than just the blood that I would bleed getting the tattoo. The blood would stand for the blood clot and the surgery.

When I went in to get the tattoo the sketch was all drawn up and it was PERFECT! This made me super excited to sit for three hours and get it inked on my body. I decided that the place to put it would be the right leg. I was a little worried about traumatizing the leg again, but felt that it was doing well enough to be able to stand it.

The experience was AMAZING! This was soooo unlike any of the other tattoos that I have because it really had some strong meaning behind it. It was one thing to just put something that I liked on my body, a whole other thing to put a custom piece of work that would be symbolic of what I have gone through in the past 5 months. I know I have said it before, but it would be really hard to get another tattoo because just getting something that I like doesn't seem significant anymore.

Now, I know some of you out there reading may not be tattoo people. I've always liked tattoos. On the other hand I also like the beauty of clean skin so I won't be covering my body. I think even if you don't like them you really have to appreciate the artwork that goes into them. Someone drew this and then using a needle and some ink were able to put it onto the skin. I know the first thought is.....what if I don't like it when I'm older? Well, I'll wear pants! I'm not going to be putting any that can't be covered and honestly I'm just not that concerned. I already am more concerned by what my breasts and thighs look like now! In fact, I already have tattoos that I don't necessarily "love" but I'm not that worried about them. This piece just has so much meaning behind it for me and I never want to forget about it.

So, here you go! Sit down if you must first. It's a bit new so I'll have to post another picture once it's peeled and healed. I hope you like it, or at least appreciate the art, as much as I do. A big thanks to Alfredo at Modern Body tattoo who is the genius behind the design and the talent that went into this!!!


Peptogirl said...

I saw it in person and I love it!!! Love my new Hello Kitty hat too. Hope you enjoy the necklace!

Anonymous said...

que el efe? As Jimmy Buffet once said: "Permanent Reminder of a Temporary Feeling."


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