Sunday, March 09, 2008

That's not a knife.....that's a knife!

Last night G's band Big in Japan was playing at Marilyn's. A group of us went out to check him out and be his biggest fans. I wasn't feeling all that well, and with the leg to boot it kind of makes it hard to really enjoy the evening. No dancing unfortunately, but I did try to rock the air crutch/guitar a time or two. So, while we're at the club I'm laughing my ass of because it's short guy night at Marilyn's. There were more men under 5'5" tall in that place. Becki decided it was because of the low ceilings which would give the illusion of height....good call! Ellen and I were standing there laughing at the shorties when this guy walks in which causes even more laughter. I only saw the guy from the back and Ellen says...."Dude...Crocodile Dundee!" I proceeded to laugh my ass off because this guy looked exactly like him, well from the back anyway. Come to find out IT WAS Crocodile Dundee! I guess he was in town wrestling crocs or whatever he does now. I wish I had known it was him while I was there cause it would have been a kick ass picture to get for the blog. You'll just have to settle for the generic one I pulled off the internet! He wears that hat still by the way, but unfortunately wasn't rocking the vest..then I really would have known it was him!

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Sarah said...

Were you wearing one of your knitted hats when you saw someone famous??


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