Saturday, March 29, 2008


Today Bill and I went out to Davis to visit the fam and I realized that there is something that most of you have not seen. Something that is sure to give you a little chuckle. While in Cabo on our honeymoon Bill and I were sitting at a little bar in town eating tacos and drinking knee pain away. This much older man came up to us and offered to do a sketch of us while we sat at the bar. He was showing us samples of some pretty good drawings, but we said no. Honestly, we figured he probably didn't actually draw those drawings so we would save our money. The couple on the other side of the bar decided to give it a shot. Once their drawing was done we realized that he could actually draw and maybe it would be a good idea to get a sketch done. Then again, we may have been more drunk by this point and that's what made a sketch seem like a good idea....but anyways!

Once it was done we both proceeded to laugh our asses off at the hilarity of the picture. Then we thought.....what the heck are we going to do with this? Within seconds we decided to have it framed and give it to Bill's parents for Christmas. We figured they were the only ones that might actually hang it up. Low and behold....they loved it and it now has a proud spot on their living room wall!

I especially like the proportion of my lips and my tatas! That's how you know it's me for sure. The squared off jaw line on Bill (which exaggerated looks like Jay Leno) is pretty classic as well!

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