Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Let me see you one, two step!

I made a HUGE breakthrough today! I did something that I really wasn't 100% certain that I would ever do again. I walked! It was an incredible and scary experience. I made it two laps around my physical therapists office, trying not to ball my eyes out the whole time. I didn't know it would have that effect on me, but I literally started to really tear up. It just felt amazing. When you don't walk for over 5 months and go through all the other stuff I've been through you really start to lose a bit of hope. I know that I always seem really positive and optimistic on the blog, but if I always put down the deep feelings inside in regards to this injury you may have stopped reading long ago. I really wanted to have hope that I would walk again, but there was this deep seed inside that told me I wouldn't. Well I have squashed that seed and will not let it start to grow again. Next time I will make it three laps and then four and then five until I walk out the door never to not walk again.


Sarah said...

That's great! Congratulations! I have sort of been through similar stuff. My brother ran over my foot with the car when I was 13, and that took ONE YEAR to fully heal to the point that I could walk! I've also had knee surgery, so I hear ya. It's all gravy from here! Congrats!

johnna said...

Congrats! You'll be prowling the aisles of Target in no time! :-)


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