Friday, March 14, 2008

Holy S&%T....I can lace!

I am really branching out in my knitting abilities! No, I haven't moved away from hats yet. Why do that when there are so many fun and different patterns to make?! Today I decided to try out my mad skilz at doing lace. I always love the way these patterns look because they have a crocheted aspect to them, but they are done knitting. I finally found one I wanted to try and by golly....I pulled it off! I think this hat is going to be added to my own private collection, but I will have to make more. It wasn't that hard and came out soo pretty. Apparently I'm in a green mood right now. Gearing up for St. Patricks Day I suppose. I won't be getting pinched this year!


johnna said...

Wow- that's really gorgeous! I wish I were around so that you could teach me how to cable...

Peptogirl said...

wow, i'm amazed! i can't wait to see your etsy shop!


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