Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hat of Green Cables

I found a hat pattern online that had two things I've been wanting to try......cables and a brim. I finally decided that it was something I could accomplish and began knitting away. Overall I am super pleased with my cables, not as pleased with the brim. It's not that I really think I failed at the brim, but the yarn failed me! Boy that didn't sound conceited at all! The yarn was an alpaca, which is on one hand a beautiful yarn but on the other hand like knitting with slimy spaghetti. It is just so darn slippery and therefore the brim on this hat came out alot floppier than I would like it to be.
Also, from the pictures, you will notice that I am NO LONGER IN THEM! Yippee! No more getting ready and making myself look pretty just to take a new knitted item picture. Or worse, no more looking like hell and not giving a damn and taking a new knitted item picture. Sorry for those by the way! I am in the process of getting my Etsy site up to sell stuff on and I knew that I did not want to be the subject of every photo. So I got a mannequin head off of Ebay to display my hats. It works great, but I find the eye area a little scary so I opted for putting some sunglasses on it. I'm thinking about painting it up, but then it might look a little drag queen. For now, she's all white!


Carol Browne said...

That mannequin face looks like Posh Spice, don't you think? Or maybe it's the sunglasses. Spooky.

Great hat! Love the colour.

Sarah said...

Wow, I really wish I looked good in hats! Otherwise, I'd totally beg you to let me buy that hat! I love the look and color is fantastic!

I wouldn't change a thing about the mannequin except every so often switching up the sunglasses just for fun. =)


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