Thursday, March 27, 2008

Chunk is in the Hiz-ouse!

Meet Chunk

Chunk belongs to Becki's brother Chris and he's going to be with us for a little while since Chris is on vacation. Well, he was actually supposed to be with Ellen but I kind of stole him (I swear you can have him if you want Ellen!) How rude of me! I must say he is quite the character. He's a pretty lazy dog so spends most of the day sleeping, but each evening he gets a little amped up and has been known to play with a ball and hump Bill (the funnier of the two in my opinion.) I think he's pretty comfortable here and has claimed himself a good amount of space on our bed. It's very nice having a bulldog in the house again. There is definitely an empty space since Louie passed and it's nice to fill it with a similar dog for a little while. Plus, it's company for me during the day! I hope Chris is having a fun vacation, but I know I'm having fun with Chunk here!

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