Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wear a hat, find fame and fortune!

Ok, well maybe that's a bit of a stretch. I had a bunch of the gorgeous blue yarn left that I used for my hat and scarf set and I wanted to make another hat. I decided that I'd make a hat and send it up to Kristin in Washington. That way, someone would look super cute in it....but we wouldn't run into each other on the street in identical hats. Plus, it's been snowy and cold in Seattle and I wanted to be sure that Kristin was staying warm. So, the hat arrives, she puts it on and what happens?? She goes out that night and gets hit on by Adam Corolla!!! Well, she didn't get hit on, but she met him anyway and got a picture with him....in the hat! My hat has now met someone famous. At least one of us are up to something exciting!!

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