Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thank you, thank you!

There is this little purse store called Finders Keepers that I like to go to when I need a new purse. The owner, Barbara, is super friendly and will always help you in your hunt for the perfect bag. I haven't been in for quite a while because I haven't been shopping much and I have been walking or driving. My Mom went in yesterday to look for a new bag and Barbara asked if she'd been in before. My Mom told her once, but that her daughter comes in more often. When my Mom told her who her daughter was (me of course) Barbara remembered me. She asked how the wedding was and my Mom got to tell her the lovely story of the wedding and events that followed. To say hello/congrats/get well she sent my Mom home with a cute little purse for me! How nice is that? Thanks Barbara!!

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