Thursday, February 07, 2008

Target audience

One of the shows that I typically watch is The Price is Right. There isn't much on in the late AM hours and I can definitely kill an hour with this show. My Dad used to be a huge fan of this show, so I think I got it from him. There is something that I have noticed watching this show. The target audience is definitely broken into two different categories.

1. The Elderly

2. The Sick

Every commercial is targeted for these two categories. You are either watching a commercial for some sort of cold remedy or for some sort of motorized wheelchair that will help you get through the house. Unfortunately I have to to put myself in the elderly category since those commercials are really enticing! I wonder if I would qualify for a free motorized wheelchair through Medicare? One of these days I'm going to have to call. I'll do that right after I get off the phone for my new life insurance plan, cause you costs as much to bury a woman as it does a man!

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