Sunday, February 17, 2008

So long, farewell....

Today my Mom left for sad! It's been wonderful having her here and a HUGE help. Now I have to go back to figuring out how to get to all my Dr.'s appointments when I'm not supposed to drive. Worse than that, I have to sit at home by myself all day. Things are so much better though after having her here and since I know she will read this....

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Bill and I couldn't have made it without you!!

See, most of you don't know that just a few days after Mom got her Bill got the flu. Not just the oh I feel sick to my stomach flu, but the I have a temp of over 102 and have to stay in bed for 3 days flu. Without Mom here, he and I would have been a complete wreck.

I have proof of that based on what happened immediately after Mom left. She had a 6am flight so I we had to take her to the airport by 5am. Wearily we pulled back into our house around 5:30am only to realize that we were locked out of the house. I am a big fan of locking doors and unfortunately Bill had grabbed my set of keys which don't have a house key on it. I know that sounds weird, but I don't drive so I don't carry the car keys...just the house key. That early in the morning it's hard to do much to get in the house and then I got a brilliant idea. My girlfriend Wendy has a key to our house and she works at Starbucks so we headed to her work to see if she had a key. I went inside to ask for her, and apparently I thought she worked at a different Starbucks because there was no Wendy there! Here I was in green daisy print pj's, slippers, a bright red sweatshirt and a green beanie limping in on crutches asking for Wendy. I'm sure the guys in there got a good laugh. Needless to say, we drove back home. Bill was determined to find a way in and ended up going through the attic and dropping into the house in my closet. Nice! Well, if you ignore the fact that I know have insulation all over my clothes it's nice. Oh well, we're in the house and will just have to learn to live on our own again! Wish us luck!

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Wendy G said...

Sorry you couldn't find me! But I think the story turned out better for it :)


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