Friday, February 22, 2008

She's Escaped!!!!

After months of being trapped in my own house we are finally venturing out! Each year we take a trip to Donner Lake to stay in a cabin, so this year was going to be NO different. Bill and I are heading out at noon to spend a weekend here with friends:

The whole place is ours! This will be our view from that big ass patio....

Ahhhhhh...soo beautiful. This weekend was actually being called the "Stacey's Return to the Walking World Weekend Extravaganza." Apparently it's going to have to change to "Stacey is Still on the Damn Cruches, But We're Going Anyway Weekend Extravaganza." It's a little scary considering I still need sticks to get around and there is a bunch of snow right now and a big storm coming in this weekend, but let's be honest....I'm just moving from the sofa in my house to the sofa in a cabin. The catch is there will be a bunch of buddies to keep me company throughout the day. Checkback on Sunday for good stories since I'm sure there will be one, and it isn't going to be about me getting injured in any way this time!!!

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