Saturday, February 23, 2008

National Lampoon's Donner Lake Vacation

That would have to be the best way to describe the weekend! It was a fun bunch and an interesting, to say the least, cabin. When we got to the cabin Bill decided to get the satellite radio going. Unfortunately the cabin was not in a good position for the antenna. So what started as a simple task ended up like watching Chevy Chase try to turn the christmas lights on. There was talk of putting it on the roof, hanging it from beams and many other ideas. It ended up on a shovel that hung ever so delicately off the side of the deck. This worked good and when the antenna lost signal someone would hollar out "Move the shovel!" This was only the start of the weekend trouble.

During the day on Friday we noticed that the oven woudl randomly give off a beep. It sounded like someone was pushing on the buttons. It would come and go and was never too bad on Friday. That is until Friday night. At around 2am the oven started beeping constantly. It would range from sounding like buttons pushing to sounding like an alarm. Bill and I slept upstairs and got NO sleep. Saturday the beeping continued, though not as bad as it did through the night. It became a mission to see who could get the oven to stop. Unfortunately no one was successful. Saturday night I was lucky enough to have some earplugs because I was determined to not have to listen to the oven. When I woke up Sunday morning and took the earplugs out I discovered the the oven had been beeping like an alarm ALL night. No one slept and everyone was on the verge of kicking the oven in. Needless to say what seemed like an early check out (10am) turned out to be the first sign of quiet freedom.

Overall, it was a fun weekend. Though, I've never come home from a cabin weekend and wished for peace and quiet! If you'd like to feel part of the weekend, please watch the following video. You must turn your volume up max and watch it over and over though to get the real feel!

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