Monday, February 04, 2008

I'm in love.

And the new love in my life is Uncrustables. I know, this is absolutely ridiculous, but I'm guessing you've never tried one of these bad boys!! My sister in law had one for my newphew at Christmas and my brother kept talking about how yummy they were. Right now I can't get anything for myself and Bill has to make me a lunch before he leaves for the day. I thought this was the perfect time to try them. He can take them right out of the freezer and put it on my "lunch tray." At the first bite, I knew I was in love. I'm a big fan of the peanut butter and grape jelly flavor...but haven't tried any others. They are so moist and have just the perfect blend of peanut butter and jelly. I highly recommend that you go and get some to try. They are pretty pricey in the store, so you are better off getting them at Sam's Club or Costco if you have one available. Enjoy!

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