Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm hooked!

Today I finally decided to give up on finding something to watch on TV and move on over to the streaming Netflix option. I've never used this in the past because the speakers on my laptop suck. Now that I have my new little speaker system, I can plug it directly into the laptop and voila...perfect sound. I decided to watch "Friday Night Lights Season 1." The first time I saw an episode of this show was up in Washington at Bill's sisters house and I really liked it. I was never really drawn to it because well, it was about football. It's not that I dislike football, but I'm not enough of a fan to think I'd really like a show about it. How wrong I was! Bill and I have been catching episodes whenever we can on TV, but often find ourselves confused since we're watching Season 2 and have no idea what happened in Season 1. Netflix has it for free online and today I watched 5 episodes! I couldn't stop watching it. It's such a great show! I love the way it is filmed with handheld style cameras and I love the characters. The dynamic between the husband and wife is excellent, probably one of the best portrayals I've seen in a long time. Plus...there are some good looking fellas!

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