Saturday, February 09, 2008

I love you motorized shopping cart!

A long time ago I was ashamed of the motorized shopping carts at the grocery store. Now...I love them. In fact, I think every store needs to have them. Right now I can only shop at places that have these carts. Since my mom has been here we've made a couple trips to Target. Target has these carts, but because the people at Target can be LAME the carts NEVER seem to be charged. It's a real bummer when you take all the effort to get ready and go out into the big wide world only to discover that there is no cart for you to use. Now, don't get me wrong, once I can walk I will never misuse the cart but it's a nice feature for those of us that really can't walk through the store. I just discovered that Sam's Club has these carts as well. I made myself a little trip and stocked up on Uncrustables.

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