Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Don't slip!

One of my biggest fears while we were at Donner Lake was falling. I get nervous when it is wet out so the thought of snow really put a shiver in my spine. This would be just one of the reasons why I figured I would just be staying inside over the weekend. When we arrived, I did make the trek into the rental agency to pick up the keys. The lady inside told me that if I went to the pharmacy in town I could get cramp ons for my crutches! They basically clip on right above the feet and when you are in the snow you just flip them down. I thought this was so cool and I also couldn't believe that I never thought they would have something like this. People who live in the snow must end up on crutches and I guess that I just figured they stayed inside for the duration. We went to the pharmacy, but unfortunately they were sold out. No worries, I still managed to get around and didn't slip a once. Have to give a big thanks to G though who was my knight in shining armour when it came to getting down the stairs!

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