Thursday, January 31, 2008


Ever since the knee problem I have stuck with the Safeway deliveries. It's not that expensive and is one thing that I can do. I've had a couple of mishaps along the way. I didn't get a delivery once because of the storm and I've had a couple items missing. They credit you for missing stuff though so I can't complain too much about that (even though it's a bit inconvenient.)

The cool thing with Safeway is you can tell them how to substitute items. Basically it means if something is not in stock you can decide if you want something in it's place. For example, you order Tide soap...but they don't have it. You can indicate to substitute for the same brand but a different size OR you can substitute for a different brand same size. You can also tell them that you don't want a substitution at all if you have items you are particular about. All makes sense to me.

Today I had an interesting one. I ordered cilantro so I could whip up some guacamole for the super bowl. Apparently cilantro was not in stock. So, in it's place they substituted......spinach? How in the heck is spinach similar to cilantro? Ok, they are both green and leafy but I don't think that counts. Not sure how the guac is going to taste with diced up spinach in it.

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