Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Real Simple

Yesterday I bought a magazine at the grocery store. This was monumental because this is the FIRST magazine purchased since my no buying in November shopping clause. Since I made that vow I have really cut back on all spendings. Now granted, I can't drive or walk around to shop, but that doesn't mean I can't shop online. Overall, I'm really glad that I decided not to shop in November and that I've been able to keep my shopping at bay for quite some time now. I was little worried about my magazine purchase because it was the Real Simple 218 Best Buys issue. So not only was a buying a magazine, but I was buying a magazine that was recommending things to buy! I'm happy to say that there is not one thing in this magazine that I will buy. It was fun to flip through, but I don't even have a desire to buy another magazine. What has happened to me? I thought it would be fun to give you a summary of the things I have purchased since my no shopping vow. I'm not including Christmas, but will say that I kept it VERY simple.

First real purchase (aside from the cane that I bought a long time ago): Yarn at Michaels. I spent roughly $120 at Michaels on yarn. I've been knitting ALOT so this meant that my yarn supply was getting really low. I stocked up good and shouldn't have to buy yarn again for a very long time.

Second purchase: Target. Yes, I finally broke down and went to Target for things for myself. I did make a Target trip for Christmas, but I made a list then and got exactly what was on that list...not one thing for myself. This time I went in with a list again and bought only what was on the list. I spent $240 this time, but got an end table, lamp, pillows, heating pad and quite a bit more so it was a good deal.

Third purchase: Gifts for Bill for his birthday. I'm not sure if these count or not, but I spent about $200.

Fourth purchase: The Stamina pedals for my physical therapy. This was probably my most exciting purchase! Can't wait to get these!!

Fifth purchase: Real Simple magazine

There you have it. Since I got back from my honeymoon, which was really when the no shopping spree started I have spent under $600. I also do not have a desire to start shopping. No yearnings for Target. No sneaking things in at Oldnavy.com. This is not to say that I won't shop again, but I must say that I think about my purchases now before I make them AND I keep track of them. I think I get a pat on the back.


Reebs said...

in case you want to virtually shop...

Sarah said...

I have to tell you that I was so inspired by this that I tried to do it starting in January....I lasted 2 days. I will try again in February....


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