Sunday, January 27, 2008

Not for the squeamish!

I wish I could report that the knee is feeling alot better but I'm sad to say it is not. I manage with the pain during the day, but I'm still having trouble sleeping. I'm logging in about 2 hours a night right now, and that is 20 minutes here...20 minutes there. I plan on calling the Dr. tomorrow to see if there is something we can do about the muscle twitches. I think I'd feel alot better if I could sleep some!

I got to unwrap the knee today. There was easily 3lbs of gauze and bandages on it. When you take it off you really expect to see a horrible sight, but I must say it's not to bad. Granted, it is swollen like a balloon and has cuts, but when you think of what they were able to do in those three cuts you have to give them credit. So, here's a picture of the post op leg. Those who are squeamish can shut there eyes right now....although you have to admit it's not terrible. Just really really big. I think there is a knee cap in there somewhere, but who knows..maybe they removed it!

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