Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Furniture

Cokeley was nice enough to hand us down some of her furniture. Our couches were getting a bit shabby so we couldn't pass up the offer for a newer hardly used sofa and ottoman. We put them in the house last weekend and I have to say I LOVE how they look. It is less bulky than our original sofa and the lighter color really brightens the room. I also love the ottoman. It is very bulky, but makes a great seat whenever guests come over. Thanks Cokeley! Oh, by the way, that would be Kim. She has two nicknames, one is Sprout which I have used for years and the other is Cokeley which was given to her by Bill. Don't even ask!


Reebs said...

Wow super cute! looks great with paint!

Sarah said...

What a pretty color blue! I have been wanting a sofa similar to that, but Mike says we have to have our sofa for 10 years before I can even THINK about another sofa....haha, little does he know that I'm ALREADY THINKING about it! =)


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