Friday, January 04, 2008

Lock up the windows!

It's Storm Watch 2008! Not to be confused with the Storm Watch that we had in 2007. No, this watch is bigger and better. It will dominate all local tv stations for at least an extra 4 hours. It will show you wind, it will show you may even show you a levee or two.

Ok, enough playing around. There is a storm and for the first time this year it may actually turn out to be a whooper. So far it is definitely raining, and the wind gusts are sometimes in the 60 miles per hour range. Last night the wind started and it sounded like waves crashing in the shore. I went into a little post traumatic stress flashback but woke up this morning and was ok. So, what does all this storm mean to me? Sitting on the couch and being happy that I'm not out in it. What is also means is that Safeway called and my delivery today is cancelled due to weather! I'm also going to have to get up after each gust just to be sure that our fence doesn't come down. If there was ever a storm that could do it..this is the one.

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