Friday, January 11, 2008

Knee Update

Have another update for you all. It's been four weeks since my last appointment with the orthopedic surgeon so yesterday I was set to get more xrays to see how the leg is coming along and whether or not the surgery on the 25th is going to happen. Luckily the xrays all looked very good which means that I can start putting weight on the leg, about 50% body weight to be exact. Unfortunately the leg has been immobile for so long that I can't move it like a normal leg so it's hard to put weight on it. The surgery is still "tentative" at the moment because I have too little mobility and too much swelling. For the next week I have to do some physical therapy and then give the Dr. an update next week where we will determine if I will have the surgery now or not.

Today I had my first physical therapy appointment. I have to admit that I was scared to death and almost cried at a point today just imagining the worst. I figured I was in for some bad stuff and would feel like my leg was being ripped off. Boy, was I wrong! The therapist was amazing and it felt so good to move my leg around. She gave me some great exercises to do and I was actually able to bend my leg an extra 13 degrees just in one visit. Now I have to keep it up at home and then go back a couple times next week. My favorite part was the stationary bike. I WISH I had one at home soo bad that I could sit on. It felt the best!!

There you have it for now. I'll keep you posted again next week!

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johnna said...

My sister bought this:

She has major knee problems and this really seems to help. It's not quite the same as a recumbent bike, but maybe it would help with your PT!


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