Friday, January 18, 2008

Isn't that special?!

I must say that the "Special Day" turned out to be great!!! What started off ho hum with walker talk and painful physical therapy finished good with flowers and ice cream cake. Shortly after the flowers, my friend Kim came and picked me up to take me to lunch and for a pedicure. Pedicures are something I used to indulge in and I'd say that I would get one at least once a month. Unfortunately due to not driving and unbending knees I haven't been since a week before my wedding!!! It had been so long that was once a full polished toe, now looked more like a french manicure because it had grown out so much. The pedicure was great but there was definitely something that I noticed. If you go a long time without someone touching your feet they become EXTREMELY ticklish!! When she did the foot scrubber I pretty much crawled out of my skin. The poor woman, who was nervous enough when she saw the crutches, thought she was hurting me. Now, I'm happy to say that I have pretty toes!

After the big lunch and toe outing I came home and was shortly thereafter visited by my friend Kathy! She brought me the cutest gift. It was a drinking glass with a gnome on it and a candle inside. I just love gnomes.
Then Bill came home and in tow he had....drum roll ice cream cake! Mint chip ice cream cakes from Baskin Robbins are my all time favorite so I could tell that the special day was rounding out pretty nicely. The night was finished up with pizza and ice cream cake. Only would have been topped perfectly if I could have had a beer with that pizza, but one can sometimes only wish!

Thanks everyone for making it a great birthday and the perfect example of a Special Day!!

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