Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Give me a break Clark!

I have to say that my annoyance started sometime at Christmas time with this issue. It's not really an issue...just something that the news kept reporting on over and over again through the holiday season, and no this time it wasn't the weather. It was LED Christmas lights. I'm all for green and think it's great that these lights are available now, but I don't think it is news worthy for weeks and weeks. My annoyance hit an all time high last night. Every time you turned on a Times Square countdown it was all about the new and improved energy efficient ball. The ball this year was powered with LED lights which was equivalent to the energy use of 10 toasters. Does anyone see how ridiculous this is? They are in Times Square for gosh sake?! That whole street probably has enough illuminated signs to run electricity in my house for a year! Not only that, but this ball cost a mere 1 MILLION dollars! Sorry the city of New York, but I am not impressed by your LED bulb. I'd be more impressed if you maybe used 99% of the money that you just paid for a stupid ball that lasts one day on something more meaningful!!

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johnna said...

Did you know that the "new" ball was made by a group out of Rancho Cordova?

Here's the company's website:


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