Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Skagway Police Blotter

My niece (that was fun to say!) Carey works in Skagway, Alaska each year during the summer. While we were at her house for Thanksgiving I was reading a local Skagway paper that she brought home. The paper has a section called "Skagway Police Blotter" which is basically little stories of things that were called into the police. You have your typical calls: loud parties, accidents, stolen/missing things.....but then you have classic stories that only a small town can give you! Here are a couple classics for your reading enjoyment.

-Officers reponded to a report of someone screaming in the Long Bay area. A group of women were contacted. They had decided to take a swim and discovered that water was extremely cold, which made them scream.
-Fire personnel responded to a fire alarm. It was determined to have been set off by cooking.
-A woman called and expressed concern about her son, who is working in town this summer.
She had been talking to him on the phone and was disconnected. She had been trying to reach him again with no luck. The son was contacted and he said his cell phone battery died. His mother was contacted and advised.
-A woman reported that her 86 year old husband was missing. She was shopping and he did not want to shop. She left him sitting on a bench on Broadway while she shopped. When she returned he was gone. He was located on a bench in front of the AB Hall where he had been sitting for 2 hours or more. His wife was mistaken about the location of the bench she left him on.
-A complaint of people drinking alcohol at a picnic table downtown was received. An officer responded and found some men sitting at the table drinking Coca Cola.
-Report that a woman got up in the morning and found a strange man in her house. Turned out man though he had gone to his employer's house.**Reminder: you should lock your doors at night.

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