Friday, December 21, 2007

Should I build an ark?

Ok, so let's just start by saying that in Sacramento we haven't had much rain. This week was to be our first real rain. This was not just any rain, according to the news, this was going to be a deluge! In fact it was such a deluge that on Tuesday the news stayed on for an extra 3 hours just to talk about rain. From the time I got up at 7am until 1pm it was nothing but talk about the rain. There was so much talk about rain I was tempted to get my rain coat and rain boots out and wear them on the sofa just in case. This is why I HATE the news! It literally drizzled all day and then was OVER. Totally ridiculous! Good thing I'm on crutches or I would have been in the backyard making an ark out of fence posts just to be prepared.

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