Friday, December 07, 2007

Fun with wish list.

I had some fun today updating my Amazon wishlist. Amazon is great because I think anything you could possibly want is on there! I added a whole bunch of stuff in the spirit of the holidays. I really really want this cake pan the most. I've seen it on many sites and was reminded when browsing Amazon. I want a giant cupcake right now actually.

On another note I got some good news today. My blood has been in theraputic range for two days now. That means I don't have to do the Lovenox shots and I don't have to go and have blood drawn until Tuesday! What a break that is going to be. It's a good thing the shots are ending because I'm definitely noticing a change now that my blood is theraputic. I bruise like CRAZY! I have big ugly bruises on my tummy from the shots but it doesn't stop there. I lightly bumped my hip the other day and my elbow today and there is a nasty bruise in it's place. Also the veins going down my arms look soooo blue. Very weird!

1 comment:

mommyd said...

I have promised you the cupcake pan and have just forgotten about it but look for it in the mail... I am ordering it as soon as I finish this comment to you so... take it off your list. Ok MOMD


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