Friday, November 09, 2007

They keep pouring in!

Seems like everyday someone gives me more wedding photos. I'm so glad and lucky to have alot of friends and family that like to take pictures! Today my girlfriend Kim gave me her shots. She had a new kick-ass 35mm SLR digital camera that she was playing around with and boy did she do a great job! She put together an album for me which is so great because so far I've only seen pictures online. With that said I've added a ton of pictures to FLICKR. All the images that Kim took are just titled IMG so if you've looked before it will make them easier to spot.

Some of my favorites are the moustache shots! Ellen wanted to sport a stach since she was the bartender. I found some hilarious moustaches at Borders, they have alot more than books. Needless to say the moustaches were a hit.

Check out pictures!

Sorry that so many of the Flickr shots are horizontal! I tried to fix it but it just didn't work out.

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