Monday, November 12, 2007

Sweet Luck that I know her!!!

Becki is the coolest. For those that don't know her, I feel sorry for you. Not only is Becki the girl of many names, but she also ROCKS when it comes to design work. Am I in love with Becki? No, but I like to think I am her biggest fan!! Some of you may think...hmmmm I think I've heard of this Becki before. I'm sure you have because I ranted and raved about her when she designed my wedding invitations. Those that got one in the mail are already shaking your head in agreement and those that didn't, well now is your chance to own an RP design of your own. Becki's company, Sweet Luck Design is branching into holiday cards this year. I can guarantee you that I will be placing the first order!! These are a MUST to check out. Not only are they the cutest holiday photo cards I have ever seen....but I also made the samples. Check em out, you know that you want to order some of your very own!!!

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