Thursday, November 08, 2007


That is my new motto! Got the phone call from the Dr. today and here's the damage: I have two meniscus tears, a partial tear of the ACL and (as if that wasn't enough) a dent in one of my leg bones. I was out of it at that point so I have no idea which bone it is.

What does that mean? No fucking idea! I am going to call first thing in the morning to get the first available Ortho Surgeon appt I can get and then we will know. I'm just assuming that three tears mean surgery but I don't know what the wait time is on that and I'm definitely no Dr. myself so I could be wrong.

There you have it! I really thought I wanted to "just know" what was wrong and thought that would make it all better but now I'm thinking I'd rather be in the dark. What I do know is this could turn out to be the most expensive honeymoon souvenier I got in Mexico!!!!

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