Sunday, November 04, 2007

Rapid hammering!

Yesterday I had my appointment to have an MRI done on my knee. I've had an MRI before so I knew what I was getting into. Luckily since it was on the knee I only had to go in feet first to my shoulders. I really had forgotten how damn loud those machines are! They give you ear plugs but you feel as if someone is hammering inside of the tube. I'd have to say though it was pretty uncomfortable for me this time. I had to put my leg pretty straight and it hasn't been in that position for two weeks now. The muscles in my thigh started to freak out and cramp up on was awful! I should know the results in a couple days and am trying to be hopeful that it is just a sprain and no tears.

On another note, I have now been on crutches for two weeks. At times I've been using just one crutch on the side that is hurt. This made me think that maybe it would be better to get a cane. So, today, I took a little trip to Rite Aid and purchased myself a $14.99 metal cane. I guess this breaks my no buying clause for the month, but at the same time can it really count? I got no pleasure what so ever out of buying it. I came home and tried using it around the house. It is nice to not have something jammed under my armpit, but then I caught a glimpse in the mirror. It's amazing how a cane instantly adds 10 years to your age. I'm going back to the crutches!!

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