Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm going off roading!!!

Crutches suck! That is what I have learned in the past month and it became even more apparent in the past week. Everyone kept joking that I needed to get myself a Lark and now I have to doesn't sound so bad! I was on craigslist looking for crutches and other handicap stuff and I came across this fine piece of machinery.
How awesome is that? It's known as an extreme wheelchair! It goes off road on trails, mud, snow and will climb curbs. Too bad I don't have an extra couple grand lying around or I'd be driving up to Cool to pick this puppy up. I also need to confess to something. Tonight I went to the grocery store and opted to use the electric shopping cart! Those might look really funny and something you'd like to use when you are stumbling into the Safeway drunk to replenish drink and munchies. On the other hand when you are completely sober and the grocery store is filled with pre-Thanksgiving shoppers you look and feel like an ASS!!

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