Thursday, November 15, 2007

I love commercials!

Actually I don't really like them, but occasionally a doosie comes along that just has to be shared. Bill and I were watching one of our favorite shows on Mojo "Three Sheets" and during the commercial break came the wonderful......GO Duster. I know you are wondering what the GO Duster is, but it really doesn't matter. What is epic is the blond with the slick moves dusting off her bookcases. Hilarious! I have to say though I'm a little disappointed that I could find the actual commercial that we saw. See, the actual commercial got even better because when it got to the buy now bonuses not only did you get the extra dusting attachments but you also got the (drumroll please) giant universal remote!! Sound familiar? You may have remembered a blog about this remote some time ago when I picked one up at Rite Aid. Unfortunately the only version online gives away free spray stuff...not as exciting. You can still enjoy the classy blond with the slick moves though.


Anonymous said...

Love the choeography! lol! Cheesy commercial, but the duster actually looks pretty cool.


Sarah said...

Doesn't everyone dust like they're in Flashdance? Awesome!


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