Monday, November 19, 2007

A girl walks into a Dr.....

and leaves being told that she shouldn't walk! Today was the Orthopedic Surgeon appointment and it wasn't the greatest. First let's start with some good information. There is no tear in the ACL! Wooo hooo! Also, we aren't doing surgery......yet anyways. Right now the Orthopedic Surgeon is most worried about the tibial plateau fracture. These are apparently extremely hard to heal because the Femur puts alot of pressure on it. What this means is I cannot put ANY weight on my leg now. No more trying to limp around, no cane, no putting the foot on the ground. I go back in three weeks to have another xray to see if it is healing. If not, possibly another three weeks. These can take up to three months to heal and that means three months of no weight on the leg and always on crutches. If it doesn't heal itself it will mean a possible surgery to fix it. In addition there will also be an eventual surgery to fix the meniscus that is torn but for now they are going to leave that alone. It would not be good to fix it now when the joint is so traumatized. So, there you have it. Overall I would have to summarize my feelings as...scared. I'm sad, overwhelmed and scared that they will have to do surgery to fix the fracture. For now I'll just keep plugging along on my crutches and pray that it gets better and that I don't fall over. I'm a little wobbly on the crutches when I have to have my leg hanging there. Wish me luck!!!

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