Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Day 14 and I'm doing allright....

I'm 14 days into my no buying month and so far so good. Occasionally I have seen something really cute that I've wanted, like Krista's little gnome at the office today, but nothing has been overwhelmingly tempting. The worst is the days when I have nothing to do at lunch....really tempting to go wander. At the same time, I'm not wandering too well these days so that could help the temptation some. So far, aside from groceries, these are the things that I have purchased and the reason why I bought them.

1. The Cane: Still not using it and still questionable as to whether or not this really counts!!
2. Two Ski Masks: No, I'm not planning on robbing a bank! Girl on crutches would be a prime target in that scenario. Bill went fishing last weekend and was afraid that he and his dad would get really chilly while cruising down the river in the early am. They were $3 a piece and not for me so I don't think these count either.
3. Case of Yummy Dummy Candy Bars: I know what you are thinking, but these are not for me either!! Some of Bill's 2nd Cousins (all little girls) started a company selling delicious homemade candy bars. I thought this past weekend that we should sell these in the Java City cafes so I got a case to give to our retail guru. You should actually check them out for yourself, they are delish.

So, there you have it! Fourteen days and I haven't purchased one thing for myself. Not one trip into Target. Not one hasty purchase and then quick return. Now there are only 16 days to go....I'm still a little worried about not buying in Washington!!

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